Sod Installation and Delivery Company

Our turf and sod installation service is designed to deliver the rich, vibrant green lawn that you’ve always wanted. And to assure you’re new sod is a complete success, we offer affordable lawn care maintenance programs for all new grass and turf installations.

We have been installing sod and turf for over 10 years. And that experience will be put to work for you.
We want you to be happy. So we provide dedicated support to answer any questions or concerns you have.
After installation we can put your lawn on a proper maintenance schedule to assure it grows strong and green.
We are Eco-minded, so we work hard to assure the products and strategies we use are good for the environment.

Sod Installation & Delivery Service

Our sod installation service is designed to give you maximum turf retention. That simply means the sod will grow instead of turning yellow like many poorly installed examples you see.

In order to provide an estimate, we need to calculate the square feet of sod needed. So step number one is to accurately measure and make a basic sketch of your property.  After this is complete we provide you with the estimate and how to get started. Once the installation process begins, our team prepares the site by grading the soil so it slopes away from foundations and buildings, thus avoiding drainage problems.

Now we install the new layer of fresh sod after dampening the bare solid with water.

Finally we roll the entire area to improve contact between the ground soil and sod (removing any air pockets).

After Installing Your Sod

After your new sod is installed a routine maintenance schedule must be followed in order to facilitate growth. This is especially important until the sod takes root.

Our team can handle the entire post-installation maintenance program for you. It’s the best way to guarantee you new lawn ends up looking the way you want.

Simply contact us and ask to learn more about our post-installation sod maintenance program.


Your Next Steps

I think your next steps are obvious…

Sit back in your easy chair, relax and let us handle everything for you.

We are happy to discuss your sod installation project and provide a free no-hassle estimate. If you like what we have to say then we will proceed, if you don’t that is okay as well. We’ll wish you the best and go our separate ways.

However we firmly believe that once you become a client, you will be one for a very long time. We work hard to maintain our reputation and we look forwarding to putting that effort to work for you also. Contact us by email or telephone to learn more.